WIFI AVIN App Reviews

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Excellent app

I downloaded this app to use with a backup camera for my trailer that I ordered off Amazon. It works exactly as advertised. You can turn the screen vertical or horizontal. It works great. Thx!

5s image distorted

Any update for display. Distorted.

VR headset and Google cardboard support

Please add VR headset and google cardboard support, Many people will start using this app when you get The new headset supported Thanks,

No support for iphone 6

The app works but the image is incredibly stretched. The last update was to correct the image on the iPhone 5, and i think it needs to be updated for the iphone 6 as well. It is usable but the image is VERY distorted.


Got this for backup camera on my car. I suggest mounting the receiver in the dash and not too far toward the rear. There will be some interference otherwise. I really like the app/hardware. I was really surprised that it has a camera feature. I use my phone in landscape all the time so orientation wasn't an issue. I can see tons of potential with some software tweaks.

Need improve

The App is sold with a back up parking camera for revers car. The screen don't turn with the smartphone rotation. This app need more tech support

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